Camera for Profit


Hi, I'm Brandon, owner and photographer at Gin & Sake Productions in Las Vegas. Although I put in maximum effort for each of my clients, in reality I don't work what would even amount to part time at a regular job. I put these courses together to demonstrate every single aspect of how I make a living from photography. I shoot real estate, food, products, weddings, and portraits professionally, and these five types of jobs have combined to generate a consistent, comfortable income.


Seriously, There is So Much Money to Be Made

Between social media and digital marketing, the demand for high quality photography is growing every day.


Minimal Investment + No Overhead = Crazy Potential $$$

There aren't many businesses or professions with such a short learning curve and relatively small initial investment that have the capacity to create an income and lifestyle that photography provides. I don't spend a penny on advertising and don't rent a studio. Once you make your initial investment on gear (don't worry I'll help you save money here too), everything from then on is pure profit.

Whether you're looking to dip your toe in and book gigs on the side or go all in with a photography career, don't wait and don't be afraid- I'm here and I've got your back.


Get Some Real Photo Skills and Start Making Money

These courses give you the knowledge to take better photos and the confidence to charge good money for it- without spending a ton of $$$.


A Skill Set Combined With a Business Blueprint

- Lessons designed to give someone with absolutely no background in photography the knowledge and confidence to instantly take better photos

- A business blueprint to enable you to fast forward to the point of acquiring clients and generating serious income -with a minimal initial investment

- Efficient and systematic editing and communication techniques so you won't be sitting at a computer all day (something the vast majority of photographers complain about)


I Didn't Want to Give 'Just Enough' to Get By

I'm giving away everything I've learned in twelve years as a professional photographer. In that time, I've learned what works and what doesn't. I've created systems for every aspect of my business from getting work, communicating with clients, to email and calendar management, to shooting, to editing, to delivering files, to getting paid- it's all a streamlined process that's easy for myself and my clients.


I'm All About Systems and Efficiency

I know, there are already a lot of 'photographers' out there. But I don't know how many profitable photographers there are. Taking pretty photos is one thing, and it's a good thing, but making a serious living is something entirely different.


I'm not going to try to teach you everything about the art of photography, as I don't know everything about photography. With all things subjective, there's not a right or a wrong, however there is usually an easier, and a more efficient and I want that to be your starting point.

     I spent years tinkering and refining my processes and techniques to arrive at the systematic business I operate today. As with most small businesses, those early years were full of time and money wasted because I simply didn't know any better. With the information in these courses, you will bypass all of that.


84 Pages of Unadulterated Photography Bliss




Complete Curriculum:

The following are included with each course:

    • 'The Essentials' 38 pages of photography goodness (magazine quality pdf download)
      • This is your quickstart guide designed for someone with zero photography knowledge to get shooting like a pro fast.
    • Review and commentary of 'The Essentials' (streaming video)
    • How to properly use a flash in various scenarios with buyer's guide (streaming video)
    • Beginners' Buying Guide & 21 Tips to Save You Boatloads of Cash (magazine quality pdf download)
    • Digital Organization- creating a system from Day 1 is critical. (streaming video)
    • Introduction to Lightroom and Photoshop (streaming video)
    • Lightroom Basics (streaming video)
    • Working With Lightroom Presets- I don't sell a ton of worthless presets- I teach you how to make presets to increase efficiency, quality, and productivity (streaming video)
    • General business (and life) practices (streaming video)
    • Why People Buy- The Psychology of Sales (streaming video)
    • Business essentials: branding, website choices, email and client communication templates, invoicing, bookkeeping (with a downloadable photography related income and expense report), email and calendar organization, file delivery. I take you through every step of the business process from starting out, initial communications with clients, delivering content, to getting paid. (downloadable content and streaming video)
    • Launching Your Business and Getting Work (streaming video)
    • Handling rejection (streaming video)
    • Thoughts on Working for Free and/or with Influencers (streaming video)
    • Is it possible to make hundreds of thousands of dollars from Craigslist??!! (streaming video)
    • Getting contract work. (streaming video)
    • The importance of diversifying your photography business (streaming video)
    • Pricing, Pricing, Pricing. Photographers struggle with pricing and most are going about it all wrong. (streaming video)
    • How to make REAL money while traveling without being an influencer or any social media following (streaming video)
    • Real Estate Photography
      • Overview of the business (streaming video)
      • Buyers Guide (streaming video)
      • Preparing and scheduling with homeowners- this is huge! (streaming video)
      • Comparison of different shooting techniques and when each is appropriate. They way I shoot is vastly different than the industry standard (streaming video)
      • Walk through of complete shoot from beginning to end (streaming video)
      • Creating Lightroom presets specific to Real Estate. This is how I can edit, export, and deliver an entire shoot in under 15 minutes. If you're not utilizing an efficient, repeatable system, your business is doomed. (streaming video)
      • Typical speed edit and delivery for above mentioned shoot (streaming video)
      • Rarely used, but useful Photoshop techniques (streaming video)
      • Several other popular shooting and editing techniques. These aren't the ones I typically use, but clients will have different requests on occasion and having different tools can be handy (streaming video)
      • Brutal Critique of one of my photographer friend's first real estate shoot. He makes the mistakes most photographers who don't know any better make. (streaming video)
      • Helpful tips and add on services (streaming video)
      • How to become a resource and not just another vendor (streaming video)
      • Wedding Photography
        • Overview of the business (streaming video)
        • Communicating with clients from beginning to end (downloadable templates and streaming video)
        • Buyers Guide (streaming video)
        • Wedding day Preparation- this is critical for success. (streaming video)
        • Prepping the bride and groom (streaming video)
        • Wedding Day Of: getting ready photos (streaming video)
        • Accomplishing the flawless 'first look' every single time (streaming video)
        • Before they walk down the aisle- last minute tips for the bride and groom (streaming video)
        • Real time ceremony walk through- where to be, what to be prepared for, what shots to get- in real time. Watch this one over and over again. (streaming video)
        • Wedding Do's and Don'ts (streaming video)
        • THE ONE SHOT the bride wants most that most photographers miss (streaming video)
        • Typical Family and Group Formal Photos (streaming video)
        • Bridal Party Photos and my trick for getting genuine reactions (streaming video)
        • My Reception Lighting set up for cinematic results (streaming video)
        • Capturing all the important reception photos (streaming video)
        • An easy and repeatable method for excellent cake photos (streaming video)
        • My typical Lightroom speed edit for insanely quick turnaround (streaming video)
        • Occasionally used, but important advanced Photoshop editing techniques (streaming video)
        • Dealing with problem clients (streaming video)
        • THE one line of text that made my wedding photography business blow up. Because of this, I don't spend a penny on marketing, I don't have to be active on social media, and I still turn down or refer away about 80% of the wedding leads I receive (streaming video)
        • Random tips that will differentiate yourself from the competition (streaming video)