Gin and Sake Reviews

"Thank you for all of it, Brandon. Aside from, you know, the husband... you are single handedly the best choice I made on my wedding day.” -Amelie, Canada

"We could not be more thrilled with the photos - I have literally spent hours gazing at them, not even caring how narcissistic that makes me! ...Peter and I are notoriously terrible in photos. But everyone who has seen these so far has had to pick their jaw back off the ground - including our friends who are professional photographers, artists and generally picky types. Our families were so surprised and pleased to finally have some good photos of us so thank you from them as well as from us. We had so, so much fun with you - your Las Vegas-based film knowledge alone won us over before we even saw the incredible results of your work. Seriously, you're brilliant." -Laura, Berkley

"Thank you so incredibly much for these amazing photos, Brandon! We, and the rest of our family, could not love them more! You are a true talent. We are so thankful that we requested to work with you! ☺" -Jessica, Oregon

"OMGGGG I LOVEEEE THEM!!!! You did an AMAZING job!!!!! Seriously, I was scared to look because of how awkward I am but they are beautiful! THANK YOU!" -Sabrina, D.C.

"My husband and I just got married this past weekend in Las Vegas and hiring Brandon as our photographer was the best choice we ever made. From start to finish Brandon is amazing in every way. He’s patient, kind and easy to deal with and the absolute best at what he does. We LOVE our pictures so much and couldn’t be happier. They are soo amazing and I can’t thank you enough Brandon for capturing our special day. Your the BOMB!! If your looking for a wedding photographer, definitely chose Brandon for your day. You won’t regret it." -Mindy, Canada

"These look SO AMAZING!!! We never imagined they could be this good. Thank you such much for making us feel comfortable and natural and contributing to an overall wonderful experience. We can't thank you enough." -Meg, Washington DC

"Hi Brandon, Vegas was amazing! Everyone who worked on this wedding was amazing! THANK YOU so much! The photos were absolutely stunning and your turnaround time was incredible! I’m so awkward with my fake smile and was struggling to look natural but you really did help me! All the angles and the background settings were great. OMG and there’s nice pics of me and Eric! Yay! I’m surprised Eric didn’t make any silly poses lol. I admit I was loving it - walking around and taking all the photos. 🤣 I appreciate your patience with us at the wedding. Sooo sorry my fam kept asking you to take pics using their cell phones. I sent the link out and everyone’s loving the photos! I told them to tag you. Anyways, thank you again!!! AND THANK YOU JACKIE FOR RECOMMENDING GINANDSAKE! #1 CHOICE!! Super Happy!!!"  -Sheila, via email, Los Angeles

"First, I cannot tell you have much we all love Madison and Zach's wedding photos! When she got them Madison texted me "I can't get over how amazing Brandon is! He captured every single moment and the candid photos make my heart so happy!" We totally agree and cannot thank you enough for all of your amazing work." -Jessica, stepmom of bride, Wyoming

"Wow. This is exactly what we were hoping for when we booked you as our photographer. Everyone looks amazing! Of course, we love the pictures of us together, but the guests photos are so beautiful and in the moment. You did an beautiful job of capturing our big day. Ok, I'm crying now and need to go buy that drink... :)" -Scott & Domenick, Michigan

"WoW Brandon , You give us the most wonderfull present of our trip! The photos are amazing ! Super fun ! With so much love ! It’s gorgeous ! Thank you so much" -Marie, France

"What a joy to receive these!  And so soon!  While I could go on and on about how glorious every single one of these photos are, suffice it to say that they are exactly what I was hoping for and even more :)  I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you working with us in the heat and still producing such beautiful memories for us.  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!"  -Lisa, Las Vegas

"Wow Brandon you are amazing!! Thank you!! I LOVE all the pictures and can't wait to share with everyone after my mini trip. Words cannot describe how much I love each picture. You were able to capture everyone in your candid pictures. I am so happy Andrew and I decided to pick you as our photographer." -Amy, Pasadena

"HOLY CRAP!! Those pictures are SO AMAZING!!!! We are usually unphotogenic people and were super sweaty that day, but you made us look so lovely! Thank you so much!!" -Jenna, Missouri

"Hi Brandon! I saw the gallery and I am OBSESSED. I cannot say enough good things about your work! You somehow made us look pretty damn good haha." -Rachel, Utah

"Brandon, We LOVE our wedding photos!!!!! They are beyond wonderful!!!! Thank you for taking such AMAZING images of our very special day. Wow, just Wow. It was such a pleasure meeting you and working with you." -Karen, FL

"Can we just say - WOW? These are absolutely stunning, not even factoring in the amazing turnaround time. We are floored by your work; you captured so much of the day so seamlessly and effortlessly. We can't thank you enough. Just - thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You really made it possible for us to keep these wonderful memories forever, and it means the world to us." -Diana, Washington

"Hi Brandon! Omg we are in LOVE WITH the photos!!! I had a full on ugly cry in the elevator when I saw them! Thank you so much!!! We could not be happier. We had a great time working with you! You guys are fricking amazing!!!" -Cara Lyn, Toronto

"Brandon, I am SO happy!!! I can't stop looking at them. I have no idea how I'm going to pick our Save The Date photo! The special lighting effects that you did on a few of them are beyond cool. I really couldn't be happier, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!! IM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!! Andrew loves them so much too!!! :-) "  -Joanna, Las Vegas

"Fucking phenomenal."  -Jess & Ryan, Los Angeles

"Brandon! You killed the fucking game. We cannot thank you enough for being part of our absolutely perfect day." -Megan, Oklahoma

"Just looked at them!!!! They are Amazing!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for doing such incredible work!!" -Amanda, Canada

"I just wanted to say thank you again. The photos are absolutely amazing and I adore them. You were so awesome to work with and we enjoyed every minute." -Keely, Las Vegas

"Brandon, We LOVE our wedding photos!!!!! They are beyond wonderful!!!! Thank you for taking such AMAZING images of our very special day. Wow, just Wow. It was such a pleasure meeting you and working with you." -Karen, FL

"Amazing job. We are so grateful, not just for these incredible captured moments, but how you became a part of our special night.  Your guidance and professionalism helped so much in coordinating everyone to achieve the most special shots.  Thank you from our hearts to you and yours.  You have a talent that transcends photography." -Kelly & Dave, Virginia


"Omg I love love love them!" -Aliya, Las Vegas

"Thank you so much for getting theses AMAZING pictures to us so quickly!! I was blown away with all the pictures and could not be happier with the results." -Ann, Houston

"THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was in NYC for work after we visited Las Vegas, and it was so great to come home to the CD of photos in our mailbox. The photos are amazing and exactly what we wanted. Every time we saw a new photo during our first review, Leo kept saying, "now this is my favorite." And we've gotten such a good reaction from our family and friends - definitely captured us so well! Thank you! Thank you!!" -Megan, Chicago

"The pics you sent are AMAZING, I love them!! Thank you again for everything. I can't stop obsessing over the photos, they are perfect!" -Becca, Indiana

"anyway, they are wonderful...I am so impressed with what you do..and what you were able to do with all those folks ...the photos are absolutely terrific....such candid shots showing how much fun that captured it all!  the ones of the two of them various settings were sweet enough to make me cry...and that's not easy to do! Congratulations to have found your life's work and you do it so well...I am proud of you!" -my grandma, referring to my cousin's wedding I shot

"Hey Brandon thanks again for such a wonderful job - im amazed about how well you were able to capture in pictures the whole night. You certainly have a great talent and i'm so glad you could be there for our wedding." -Melany B, Australia

"Hi Brandon! You are an absolute champion- I don't know how you did this through all of the chaos. We are absolutely obsessed with the pictures. They are PERFECT. Thank you so so so much." -Meaghan, London

"I seriously want to get married again just to have more pictures. They are so amazing. Thanks you so much." -Elizabeth , Vermont

"LOVE LOVE LOVE!! These look terrific! Thank you so much. This was such a fun weekend for us and have you to thank for that." -Bernadette E, San Francisco 

"These are GORGEOUS!!!!  I am so thrilled!!... But truly, I am so appreciative of your ability to make the ordinary into something magnificent.  Thank you again!" -Elisa, Las Vegas

"Brandon was by far the best investment that my husband and I made for our wedding. From the beginning, Brandon was prompt and responsive when helping us figure out the right photography services and pricing for our wedding. Our wedding was on the smaller side, and we only requested photography for half of the day as our reception was very informal - Brandon was the only option that gave us the right combination of quality and affordability. While other top vendors will immediately ask for prices in the thousands, Brandon was able to work with us within our budget. On the day of the wedding, I was frazzled enough with making sure I knew where people needed to be that I could hardly spare a thought for Brandon. But as it turns out, while I was distracted with not tripping on my heels, Brandon was working his magic all along. He was working solo for our wedding, and yet he seemed to manage so many different places and people at once. He had an amazing eye for capturing emotion, regardless of who he focused on. I don't know how he does it - it's like he has a preternatural sense for when a magical moment is about to happen. He was able to seamlessly get from location to location, help herd our guests (as well as the groom and myself) in a way that wasn't at all invasive, and when we went slightly over the original time window we had asked for, he didn't complain at all - if anything, he was eager to help us get more shots until we were satisfied. All of this in of itself would have been enough to merit five stars, but then Brandon somehow also managed to get all the pictures edited and uploaded for us in under eight hours! Under eight hours. I could hardly believe my eyes when I settled back in the hotel after our dinner and saw his email in my inbox! Most people I know who have gotten married have to wait months for their pictures to come back, but Brandon's prompt return of our photos made it possible for me to share wedding moments with family overseas who couldn't make it in almost real-time. It was above and beyond anything that my husband and I could have hoped for, on top of the photos being so brilliant. We had hundred of photos to sift through, helping us relive every moment of our ceremony. I really can't say enough about Brandon's work. I only wish he lived up in Seattle - I would hire him for everything and he'd quickly tire of me! Brandon - thank you, thank you, thank you. You have a real gift." -Dianna, Seattle, via the Knot

"Through the entire [wedding] process... this is the one thing that's been perfect." -Krista, Calgary

"Brandon...You are the best!! The pictures are wonderful!!! You captured Gunner's personality and sweet spirit. Thank you!!!  I was emotional at the shoot and even more so seeing the results. Gonna be hard to pick favorites." -Dana, Las Vegas

"Thank you soooooo much! You were amazing to work with and I absolutely love all of these." -Sacha, Las Vegas

"Holy Shitballs!!  These are so fun and amazing.  Your eye is spectacular and you were so great to work with.  Cannot thank you enough again!! BTW I showed a friend at work and have NO DOUBT she will be contacting you! lol, I did tell her you were super busy right now though.  Good Lord, I don't know how I'm going to pick my favorite!" -Linn, Las Vegas

"Wow Brandon OMG you are the best!!! Thank you soooo much!! They look awesome!" -Jesse, Australia

"I looked at pretty much every photogragher in Vegas online. I did not want your typical wedding pic's. Brandon really is an artist and in person his personality even better. So laid back but, a perfectionist at the same time...You will not be disappointed only very, very pleased!" -Daniele, NY

"Hey Brandon, how are you?? I just want to thank you so much for our photos. We love them so much and how they captured our day so well. You made Pat and I feel so comfortable, which was so important because we don't love having our photos taken." -Whitney, Australia

"Hi Brandon, These pictures are amazing! Scott and I absolutely LOVE them! Thank you so much. So many good ones to choose from!! :) Can't wait to share them with everyone else!" -Kallie, London 

"We just looked through the photos - WE LOVE THEM! Thank you so much for everything! It was really nice to get to meet you and we are even more excited now to have you as the photographer for our wedding. Thank you again! YOU TOTALLY ROCK!" -Miranda, Las Vegas

"Thank you so SO much for being our photographer on our special day, it was an absolute pleasure and an experience neither of us will ever forget. We've just landed back in the UK after a really hectic few days and really wanted to give you a call before we left to pass on our sincere gratitude but sadly time seemed to run away with us. We absolutely ADORE the photos. Once again, thank you so much. They are absolutely perfect and exactly what we were hoping for. We honestly can't thank you enough. We are truly over the moon." -Rebecca, Manchester, England

"Brandon, Thank you so much for shooting our engagement photos!! I am in love with them and we couldn't be more happier with how they turned out! Your work is amazing! Downloading them was super easy and very easy to show family! :)" -Caitlin, San Francisco

"Hey Brandon, just wanted to give you a huge thank you! We absolutely LOVE our wedding photos! Thanks for capturing these moments and for being an ease to work with. You're truly talented! Ps. You're daughter is so freaking adorable.. We can't get over it!" -Justine, CA

"Those photos are totally AMAZING !!!!! Thank you so much you've captured the day perfectly and you did such a great job in 30 minutes!! We can't thank you enough!" -Caroline, London

"Brandon did such an amazing job on the pictures for our two day wedding celebration! We have had so many compliments on our photos and have been told they look like they should be in a bridal magazine. Not only did the pictures turn out perfectly but Brandon was wonderful to work with. He knew exactly what the perfect shots would be but also adapted to any of our suggestions. He was so easy going and pleasant. We couldn't be happier!" -Roza, Canada, via the Knot

"Wonderful!!! I had our family photos taken and they are perfect!! I am VERY particular about photos and I have never been so happy!!! Not to mention it was SO hot that day, we took them outside and he was great with our two kids! I used his photos for our family holiday card and EVERYONE said what great pictures they were! I highly recommend Brandon.....even for the high maintenance like me!!!!" -Mandy B, KY

"We hired Brandon to do our wedding photos and we couldn't be happier!! He is extremely skilled in finding unique poses and great photo opportunities. Brandon is very laid back and a cool guy to work with!  It was a great experience overall and I would recommend him to anyone looking for some awesome photos!!!" -Sandi S, HI

"I'm dying!!! You were beyond amazing to work with! Thank you oh so very much! Thank you times a million!" -Stepfanie, TN

"THESE ARE AWESOME!!!!!!! Thank you so so much, we appreciate your hard work. You really understood us and our style. Great work, we can't wait to share with our family!!!!!!!!" -Becca, Seattle

"The value that we hold on our memories is priceless. I worked with Brandon of Gin & Sake Productions for my wedding in 2010.  Brandon's work is creative, engaging, and absolutely fantastic.  I have NEVER been one for taking pictures, but he allowed me to embrace the experience in the most natural way possible.  Brandon is not only a creative person, he is professional and well prepared. Brandon went above and BEYOND what one can expect from a photographer." -Deonna T, MN

"My husband and I got married in Vegas in May of 2011 on our ten year anniversary (we've been dating since high school). We threw together a wedding for just two of us within two weeks, and started researching photographers in Vegas area. I stumbled upon Brandon's website, and immediately fell in love with how his pictures captured so much life. I contacted him, and soon we made a schedule to meet up at Bellagio. It was a crazy day, getting our marriage certificate, getting to the hotel, hair appointment, getting dressed, wedding at 6pm, dinner reservation at Picasso at 8pm... then flying out the next evening. On top of that, I was sick as a dog. I was carrying around a tissue and wiping my nose in between each shot. Out of all the chaos, Brandon actually helped us to relax and enjoy the moment. He spent so much time with us, from getting ready to well after the wedding, making sure that we get all the important pictures to remember the day by. Because we were not inviting anyone else to the wedding, it was important that we get every details snapped for the family to see when we returned. Brandon captured everything from our excitement, anxiety, and pure bliss. All the pictures came out crisp and perfect. Every time I look at them, I just tear up a little remembering how fun and happy the day was. Brandon made it so easy for us on that very rushed day. I think many people woud agree that with a wrong photographer, this day could have turned 180. Even though I was really sick, and the day was incredibly rushed, Brandon made it so easy for us to enjoy our wedding day. He probably has the best personality of any photographer that I've ever worked with (I used to model for a few years, so I know how some can be ... so... not fun.) When we got home, we had our pictures very quickly. As Brandon explained, he wasn't much of a procrastinator, and he was to leave for some other project soon, and wanted to make sure that we get our important pictures as soon as possible. We had our reception back home in three weeks, and we were able to have pictures well before that (all edited and everything!) to display around our reception dinner. I would recommend Brandon to anyone over and over. We plan on having our 5 year anniversary in Vegas, we'll definitely be calling Brandon to help us capture our moments again. Thank you Brandon, I'm so sad that you don't live in Seattle, I'd have much more people to share you with! I wish you all the best!" -Lynn & Brad, Seattle

"My wife and I were really blessed to find or have been hooked up with Brandon and his over the top Photography, Over the top, as in over and above any other I have ever seen. He was very professional from the start until the very end. He felt our vibe and adjusted to us, made us feel comfortable and relaxed . Now, to the Pictures that were taken, Amazing! Brandon took pictures in stages, yet seemed to flow along as if they were all in the right places at the right time. He introduced us to the photo booth during the reception, this was one of the best ideas ever. I really cant say enough about him and his pictures. On another note, he is a wonderful person, this is what I gathered from the few days my wife and I spent with him." -Monique, Washington