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gin and sake

I'm often asked about the name ‘Gin and Sake’ and while it is convenient that we’re a white guy/Asian chick duo, it is purely coincidence. I wanted something ambiguous, enigmatic, and catchy; hence Gin & Sake Productions. And although we bicker and fight like a married couple, Jill and I are not an item.

About Brandon:  Born in Las Vegas- I received a degree in finance, and worked in engineering for five years before starting my photography company. I have no formal training- just a few books, unlimited curiosity, and a ton of persistence. 

Loves: my slot machine tattoo, my old school Vegas apartment (aka the penthouse), and a Las Vegas original, full size, antique Tiki bar in my living room

About Jill:  I was born in the 1920's in the heart of Paris. Received a degree in Bad-assery at the age of 3 before starting my career in photography with Brandon. Naturally, being asian, I'm wired to know how to work a camera & take photos, so I've never required the privilege of formal photographical training. In all reality, I'm actually a unicorn--I just haven't figured out how to change back to my natural shape. 

Loves: Food… Don't let me get hAngry. My kitchen appliances. Annoying the crap out of Brandon.

gin and sake

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